What the Fuck is going on?? and what can I do to change the situation??

Throughout the year, it’s a constant nagging feeling that I repeat in my head: the fuck are you really doing with your life right? What are you really doing? What is really happening?? How is your future going to look? Am I being cheated with the restaurant situation?

Needless to say, my current situation is sloppy and messy and I am just barely managing, financially.

The shares of the restaurant. I am not entirely on board when I thought I kinda was  and at times I do feel cheated. I lost my share of the restaurant from the initial “deal” that was promised to me. Now I need to get the shares straight from the rest of the share holders. But really it was my fault for not submitting the proper paper work in the initial setting. I just dropped the ball and never picked it back up. I didn’t pick it back up because it was a scary territory. It was scary so now I lost it. What a dumbass. All I can do now is to set it straight and get some of my old paperwork together and hopefully can make a case to SL & JL. It’s such a retarded move on my part and I do hate myself for it. All I can do now is to fix the damage and pray to the angels and universe that it is salvageable- that the shares make sense to my family and most importantly to my dad.

  1. will need to find the paper work for family members to sign
  2. find that email that SL reported the shares
  3. find the paper work proposal that was initially presented to me

I can mope about it some more and beat myself to a pulp OR I can just get off my ass and start digging for answers and figuring out solutions. I choose the latter.

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