Getting it together…kinda…sorta…

I’ve been pulling cards for guidance almost on a daily basis. It does help me put things in perspective; a positive reminder from the angel deck or simply reading on the “guidance” section (yes, from a book) of the tarot deck.

Today, I met with my financial advisor- Deborah. She came as a packet from the course I took for financial empowerment a few months back. I have now 5-6 more hours to meet with her to get my financial mishap in shape. She asked me to think about my intentions for myself for the next year, the next two, and even five years from now. What is important for me? How do I want my life to be? How do I want to paint my life? All, is up to myself. My actions. Me. Hell, I’ve been trying to plan and paint but have not really sat down to do that.

My homework is to email her the list of my commitment and my to-do list. Weekly, I will be emailing her my Tracking Sheet, the items of my list that I have completed from my to-do list. My plan is to email her the gist of my agreement to her that we conversed about today, included the mentioned. That way I can also keep track of the things I told her and for myself to remember and be able to keep track of it. Here it goes:


Hello Deborah!

Checking in with you after our first meeting.

  1. search for Credit Repair Class from SFHDC & sign up for it–> Dec 7, 5:30pm
  2. get on the list for SFHDC Housing
  3. search for Rental Readiness course from SFHDC & mark the dates offered
  4. look for template for Tracking Sheet
  5. start weekly email of Tracking Sheet, along  with check offs of To-Do items (first email will arrive on Friday, November 11, 2016 of the expenses generated from Nov4-10, 2016)
  6. an envelope with paper clips (to separate days) will be handy with me to keep my receipts
  7. email my schedule to the hospital : all the NOC Tuesdays of November & EVE Sundays of November
  8. the following are the types of Savings account I have that I do not touch:
    1. Emergency
    2. Ethan
    3. JuliEddie start-up
    4. Vacation


  • steady work schedule in the long term
  • balance my life between: restaurant; hospital; ethan; myself; friends; eddie
  • move out by November 2017
  • purchase a share (or two) of the restaurant by October 2017
  • getting out of debt! (how much debt do I have? by when?)

Thank you for your time Deborah! I am looking forward to getting my stuff together! Thank you for being my guide! I will do this!








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