It’s Been a While

Over two years since my last post, a lot has changed. I am no longer the same person who started the initial post.

For starters, I am currently awaiting for the process of my divorce papers to be filed by the courts. My then three month- three weeker is turning three next month. I’d sacrificed my nursing career to help- as an amateur- in rebuilding an old legacy restaurant. I am now living with my bipolar mother; my younger brother and his girlfriend, my two old ass cats, myself and the toddler are all under the same damn roof.  My boyfriend (I know what he means now; it feels weird stating that term)- I found him on CL. & To top it off, I have $177 in my checking account and over 10 grand in debt.


In the past two weeks, I’ve been practically beaten to a pulp by some viral infections- first the flu, then pink eye, an ear infection, then the flu again, with the grand finale of a strep throat. I’ve just completed the antibiotics but still feel a tad under the weather. I’m so done with feeling like a chunk of lardy turd. Preparing to kick this end piece of virus out of my body and to start feeling strong and healthy again.


My grandparents would be so proud of me today. #helloadulthood

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