another begining

feb 5th. i wake up with thoughts of prep for my first mid-size tattoo session later this evening.   on saturday, hubby and i went to take a look at the phoenix sketch that was to be imprinted on my left side torso. it looked pretty- somewhat what i wanted, but yet, not quite. it was definitely smaller than i had anticipated. but hubby had requested a tatt not “gigantic”. it had been a big leap for him to agree for me to get a tattoo, so i decided to compromise and not inquire about the lack in size to my soon-to-be tattoo guy. that night, i realized what it was that was missing from my phoenix and emailed Tattoo Guy to tell him my thoughts. yesterday was when i received TG’s response- he’ll work with it. i’m not too worried. I have faith in TG; he got raving reviews on yelp, it took two months in advance to schedule my sessions with him, and coincidentally, a couple of my coworkers are also getting tattoo’d by him. that’s gotta mean something, right? anyhoo. i decided on my outfit for the session. i’m totally stoked. i cannot believe i’m actually getting a tattoo.

i’m 31. and married. this is not some quirky little dolphin tattoo’d onto my ankle cuz it’ll be cute and shows that i’m a bad ass. there is meaning behind the piece. significance. i was looking forward to the “pain” during the tattooing. i do not believe any kind of physical pain can overcome the kind of repeated grief and sadness i’d been bombarded with for the past two years. i will finally get to see if getting this beautiful creature etched on me be tying the loose ends of my mournings of these two years.

gah! i’d been stuck in our bed for too long, glued to the phone- googling. at this point, i need to pee BAD and it doesn’t help that it’s freezing cold this morning. it sucks not to have central heating. while in the wc & in mid-super stream, i remembered. and with mad skills, i held it in long enough to retrieve the pee stick, open the package, and read the instructions. i’m just checking to be safe cuz TG said no tattooing while being with child. i know, what are the odds? but still.

ha-ha. this thing called “life”. it likes toying with me.

thirty seconds later, i was staring at the double lines in that little window that indicates a new one is to be expected.

omfg. i’m pregnant. omfg.

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